Brand Strategies

There are many attractive brands – we develop relevant ones


Brand strategy as the basis of Design and Communication

Customer Logic and Brand Positioning

Many brands are attractive, but only a few are strong. We develop marketing strategies that are relevant from the perspective of the target audience, that differentiate themselves from the competition and that can be implemented authentically. The basis is a deep understanding of the customer’s needs and the ecosystem within which the brand wishes to play a significant part. Using qualitative interviews, ethnographic research and quantitative target audience surveys, we decipher customer decision-making and base the formulation of relevant brand values and stories upon these insights.

Branding delivers strategy

Strong brand positioning can be seen and felt across all touch points. Together with our creative partners, we translate brand values into relevant design elements and develop branding that corresponds with the company identity and zeitgeist. Branding is derived from the strategy, so that discussions are not bogged down by individual taste – ensuring broader internal acceptance.

Authentic brand ambassador

For service providers and B2B businesses, personal connections play a particularly great role in implementing brand values throughout the customer journey. This only works when employees view themselves as key brand ambassadors. We always treat the development of brand strategies as a company culture task and rely on insights in organizational development to integrate employees and to align brand values throughout the company.

We offer

  • Development of relevant brand positioning
  • Development of brand values and brand stories
  • Building of service brands
  • Optimization of brand experience along the customer journey
  • Design of brand architecture and brand portfolios
  • Development of branding und corporate design
  • Cultivation of internal brand ambassadors
  • Strengthening of the employer brand
  • Development of internal branding
  • Development of storytelling und content

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