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Sustainable growth instead of short-term headcount optimization

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In an interview with Dr. Mareike Ahlers for the Tages-Anzeiger, the focus is on sustainable strategy consulting at bruhnpartner, the central role of client logic and special leadership principles.

Forum DLM: Smart Services

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This year's Forum DLM brought together 80 representatives of international companies from various industries and the scientific community to discuss the challenges and opportunities of "smart" services.

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Innovative business models using smart services

On September 9, the 6th Forum Dientleistungsmanagement (DLM) will focus on "Developing innovative business models using smart services". There will be input from a wide range of industries - as always authentic, open for discussion and with the claim that participants can take away practical input for their business.

MAS Marketing and Business Development: Networking at its best

Great joy at the alumni event of the MAS Marketing and Business Development at the University of Basel - with a professional impulse on Customer Dominant Logic.

Study: Transformation and customer centricity

Survey in the Basel area on company transformation and the role of customer insights.