Manfred Bruhn in the #BeyondCXM Podcast about Customer Dominant Logic

The discipline of marketing is undergoing constant change. And since everyone is aware that customers are at the center of all entrepreneurial commerce, customer experience managers have gained in importance. Are marketers predestined for this role - or are they rather part of the problem due to their viewpoint limited by departmental silos? Or is a new marketing logic needed?

In absatzwirtschaft 5/2021, professors Manfred Bruhn, Heribert Meffert and Manfred Kirchgeorg questioned various "myths of marketing". Now, 10 years after the publication of "Customer Experience Management" by Bruhn and Hadwich, the topic of "customer centricity" has reached a high level of relevance. Time for a dialog with Manfred Bruhn.

Above all, it is time for a comprehensive change of perspective in marketing logic: away from the Goods and Service Dominant Logic and towards the Customer Dominant Logic! This changes the perspective and creates a new USP for marketing. The prerequisite for this is the departure from old habits of thought.

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