What Nirvana has to do with artificial intelligence

The comparison may not be politically correct, but it's apt: artificial intelligence is a bit like teenage sex. Everyone talks about it, but hardly anyone does it. Just
5 percent of companies are already actively using artificial intelligence, according to a study by Microsoft. However, 70 percent of companies consider the topic to be very important at management level.

So it's definitely time to take a close look at the subject. Even more so because it is a highly complex and multi-layered matter. It is not only the perspective of economics and computer science that is interesting. Psychology, ethics, linguistics and many more also play a central role. They will all make a significant contribution to whether and when today's weak AI systems develop into strong AI systems and science fiction becomes reality.

We are not that far yet today. And yet there are numerous exciting application fields for AI in the service sector: from strategic service management, quality and customer management to marketing and HR.

In her presentation for two large collective foundations for employee benefits, Mareike Ahlers examines the light and dark sides of AI and highlights the relevant fields of application in the service sector.

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