Personal Development

Taking you from scientific insight to successful implementation

Conveying and Applying Knowledge

Reciprocity between Theory and Practice

Active as strategic consultants and lecturers in a variety of professional development training capacities for many years, participants profit from a continuous transfer of know-how between scientific research and practice. We conduct research on current topics and methods, discuss these within our courses, apply them practically within our consultancy projects and convey this experiential knowledge in our professional development programs. This ensures that there is a constant transfer and expansion of knowledge and that our courses and seminars always provide cutting edge insights on content and methodology.

Tailor-made Training

Our training programs are designed to suit the individual needs of each company. We offer these both as a component of our consulting projects and as stand-alone modules. Areas covered include Service Business Development, Brand Development and Customer Development. Training programs are offered in a variety of formats, catering to the needs of an individual employee to those of a large, interdepartmental group.

Topic-based Seminars

Our seminars are open to participants from multiple companies. Common ground is found in the topic featured or industry-specific challenges addressed. Themes here also focus on Service Business Development, Brand Development and Customer Development.

Knowledge - Transfer - Implementation

Our formats are based on three principles: Knowledge imparted – Know-how transferred – Implementation assured.

We develop professional training programs and seminars in close coordination with our clients, ensuring that these are tailored to the needs of the company and the participants. Built around effective methodology and sound knowledge – not buzzwords – we apply these insights to the ‘real-life’ challenges our participants face every day.  Using the tools of continuous learning and constant quality improvement, we set impulses to ensure that the lessons learned will have a lasting positive impact and methods are effectively implemented.

MAS in Marketing & Business Development

Active as head of the degree program (Studiengangleiter) and Lecturers in the MAS Marketing and Business Development program at Basel University for many years, this professional development degree teaches science-based, application-oriented skills to Marketing and Business Development professionals. Focusing on inter-disciplinary thinking and action within market and customer logic, students learn to take the process full cycle – from strategic conceptualization to operative implementation.

«These seminars set themselves apart with their great balance between theory and practice.  By applying theory to actual cases, the concepts become relatable and easy to remember. Ms. Ahlers also manages to address the different needs of seminar participants in a way that makes them part of the conversation.»

Participant at an industry seminar

MAS in Marketing and Business Development

We offer

  • Lightning talks to launch new topics
  • Team-Workshops to anchor strategic concepts (i.e. customer-orientation, brand values)
  • Train-the-Trainer concepts
  • Individual coaching with industry-practice focus
  • Industry-specific and cross-industry seminars
  • Single-day refresher courses focused on updating knowledge and setting new impulses
  • Programs that run several months to for enduring knowledge and depth of practical application

For more information please visit The next course of study begins March 14th. For course curriculum, lecturers, and alumni reviews.

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At the University of Münster, we have been sharing our knowledge on the use of marketing for nonprofit organizations for many years.

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