Satisfaction Management

Satisfied customers as the basis for successful business development

Enhancing value through customer development

Strategically developing customers

The strategic development of customers is a key factor of commercial success. Its pre-requisites include high customer satisfaction, long-term customer retention and lucrative cross-buying tendencies. This can only be achieved with a consistent customer-centric orientation across the entire company.

From product-oriented to customer-oriented

For many companies, changing their product-centric perspective to a customer-centric logic is not trivial. While product-centricity requires the manufacturer to strive toward producing the best possible product in order to capitalize upon its superiority, a customer-centric company knows and utilizes the needs and desires of its customers to develop and then manufacture the right products and services for its customers. This has an enormous impact on the company’s services, business models, structures, processes and culture.

Understanding customer decision-making logic and thought processes

Gaining a deep understanding of your customer is the foundation for true customer-centricity. It is vital that one understands which choices the customer has made, what product or service they use, and when they have decided against making a purchase.  More importantly, one must understand the ‘whys’ behind each of these decisions.

We have specific methods for decoding customer decision logic and thought processes. This means that we are not just interested in observing the relationship between the seller and the buyer, but also in understanding customers within their ecosystems.

Customer satisfaction, Customer loyalty, Customer experience

While analysis primarily addresses customer logic, the next step is to convert the insights into management tasks and functions. Where needed, we will develop strategies to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty. We optimize customer experience and create specific touch points. Our perspective remains consistently customer-centric. This is supported by our analysis of customer experience prior to and following their interactions with a specific service provider.

Internal mindset as a success factor

When introducing and integrating a customer-centric culture among employees, we rely on interactive and gamified methods for sustainable alignment.

We offer

  • Design of customer-centric business models
  • Survey and measurement of customer needs
  • Identification of the drivers of customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Customer segmentation and Personas for B2C and B2B
  • Customer Journeys in digital and analog worlds
  • Increase of customer benefits through digitalization
  • Increase in customer value
  • Customer Value reporting
  • Internal alignment of customer-centricity with gamification

Customer-oriented behavior can be trained playfully. Read how we did this at an insurance company.


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Interview with Mareike Ahlers

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