Our Success Stories


A hidden champion with a clear purpose and a strong brand history

Optiswiss is the Swiss market leader in the manufacture of high-quality eyeglass lenses. In the highly competitive market, it can assert itself with a customer-oriented brand story and a convincing purpose.

From engine manu­facturer to successful service company

The gas engine manufacturer INNIO is consistently expanding its service business. Based on a global customer survey, important initiatives can be launched in a target-oriented manner.

Biotech: Development of the service business

For INFORS HT, a market-leading manufacturer of incubator shakers and bioreactors, we developed thrusts for the further development and commercialization of the service business based on a global customer survey.

SYMPLY the best - fostering service culture within the company

As part of a Co-Creation process, a board game was created for the health insurance company Sympany. The game’s purpose is to demonstrate the success factors of customer oriented behavior and establish a culture of customer orientation within the company so that it can be conveyed outside it.

A modern brand identity for the digital future

The market for financial services is highly competitive.  In order to position themselves optimally for a successful future, Swiss Bankers set their strategic sights resolutely on digitization. Now their brand identity must follow suit.

“In the right place” with the new brand positioning

The consistent focus on customer needs is a central element of the AKB general banking strategy.

More successful projects coming soon

We are always working on creating more success stories for our clients. Come by again soon to find inspiration in our recent projects!