Sports Marketing

Fundamentals - Strategies - Instruments

Marketing Fachbuch für Sports Marketing
Herausgegeben von:
Manfred Bruhn, Peter Rohlmann
Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden


This book provides the basic knowledge ("basics") for professional sports marketing and gives suggestions for management practice. In the course of social and economic development, sports marketing has grown from rudimentary beginnings into a highly professional and complex discipline that not only affects those directly involved, but has also involved other interest groups (stakeholders) who often pursue their own and not always compatible intentions and interests.
In addition, megatrends such as digitalisation and globalisation have given new impetus to sports marketing, just as sport itself has changed significantly in all its different manifestations and structures (including professionals and amateurs, sponsorship and organisation, self-determination and external determination).
The authors present the basic building blocks in sports marketing in a compact manner and outline framework conditions, special features, strategy development and the use of marketing instruments. In this way, they create knowledge and understanding for successful sports marketing in the future.

The content

  • Sports marketing at the centre of different markets
  • Basics of sports marketing
  • Performance aspects in sports marketing
  • Prices and contracts in sports marketing
  • Communication issues in sports marketing
  • Distribution channels in sports marketing
  • Perspectives of sport - opportunities and risks in sports marketing
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