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MAS Marketing and Business Development: Networking at its best

Great joy at the alumni event of the MAS Marketing and Business Development at the University of Basel - with a professional impulse on Customer Dominant Logic.

Study: Transformation and customer centricity

Survey in the Basel area on company transformation and the role of customer insights.

Brand, sustainability and consumer policy

New collection: How should certification marks be evaluated from the point of view of brand technology, customer orientation and consumer policy?

Manfred Bruhn in the #BeyondCXM podcast about customer dominant logic

Time for a comprehensive change of perspective in marketing logic: Moving away from the goods and service dominant logic, towards the customer dominant logic.

Industry event: Energy customer 4.0

The energy world is undergoing massive change. The delivery point is becoming a prosumer, the meter a smart meter. Energy is changing from a commodity to an intelligent product. And the customer?

Sports sponsorship re-examined

Human rights, corona restrictions and over-commercialization: These issues are increasingly coming into focus in major sporting events. A guest article by Manfred Bruhn and Peter Rohlmann.