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Alumni: marketing and business development

Great joy at the alumni event of the MAS Marketing and Business Development at the University of Basel - with a professional impulse on Customer Dominant Logic.

Transformation and customer centricity

Survey in the Basel area on company transformation and the role of customer insights.

Manfred Bruhn about customer dominant logic

Time for a comprehensive change of perspective in marketing logic: Moving away from the goods and service dominant logic, towards the customer dominant logic.

Industry event: Energy customer 4.0

The energy world is undergoing massive change. The delivery point is becoming a prosumer, the meter a smart meter. Energy is changing from a commodity to an intelligent product. And the customer?

Successful sports sponsorship put to the test

Human rights, corona restrictions and over-commercialization: These issues are increasingly coming into focus in major sporting events. A guest article by Manfred Bruhn and Peter Rohlmann.