Biotech: Development of the service business

The starting point

INFORS HT is a market-leading manufacturer of shaking incubators and bioreactors that has spent many years high in the ranks of equipment providers in this market. They also offer a variety of services, and although their service offerings are not yet neatly structured like their product offerings, there are plans to commercialize this division in the coming years.

Our assignment

Their shaker services division serves an international customer base. In order to set this side of the business up for future success, it was essential for INFORS HT to gain a deep understanding of their customers’ ecosystems and service needs. The following questions served as cornerstones of the project:

  • What are customers’ most basic expectations of INFORS HT when it comes to shaker servicing?
  • What are the points of excellence that set INFORS HT apart from the competition?
  • How do INFORS HT customers rank the company in terms of each of these factors?
  • Where is there a need for action in order to better meet customer needs and to strategically expand the shaker service division?
  • What new service offerings have serious potential?


Development of a Driver Scheme of Service Satisfaction

Two phases of investigation were conducted to set the foundation for well-grounded analysis. The first phase involved interviewing internal stakeholders, while the second consisted of exploratory research with 25 end-users of shakers. A driver scheme based on the findings of these dialogues was developed. This scheme looked at customer perspective to arrange the drivers of satisfaction in service and the relevant checkpoints.

In addition, the bruhnpartner Service Maturity Model was used to determine the maturity level of the INFORS HT service business, and initial conclusions were drawn about customers’ hidden needs with regard to specific service requirements.

Global customer survey to determine service performance

A global customer survey was then conducted in INFORS HT’s core markets to validate the driver scheme and quantify the performance of INFORS HT’s service provisions. The survey also provided important insights into the impact of satisfaction in service provision on revenue drivers such as referrals, new equipment purchases, and maintenance contracts. Furthermore, specific new (digital) service needs of customers were able to be identified.

Measures for more growth in service business

A solid basis of information regarding the needs of customers combined with concrete recommendations for action will enable INFORS HT to hone its strategy for service in the shaker business. In addition to optimizing maintenance contracts, this strategy also includes introducing new service offerings, developing an internal culture of service, improving operational processes to align with customer perspective, and optimizing and expanding the service portfolio.

Grafik: Reifegrade der Servicetransformation
Service satisfaction model
Grafik: Reifegrade der Servicetransformation
Service maturity model
«bruhnpartner’s driver scheme has provided us with a structured benchmark for the refinement of our service strategy in the shaker business. We are able take the findings from the project and transform them right into concrete actions, thanks to in-depth analysis and an approach that was tailored to the needs of INFORS HT.»

Lucas Kühner, CEO INFORS HT

Key Success Factors for this Project

  • Service satisfaction model based on in-depth interviews with customers in international core markets
  • Global online survey to assess service performance and relevance of satisfaction drivers
  • Classification of the current service portfolio in the maturity model
  • Expansion of service understanding and evaluation of service potential from the customer's perspective

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